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Celebrating GreenBond Financial Company Limited

Greenbond Finance Company Limited, a CBN-licensed finance company is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with great pride and enthusiasm. This milestone is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing excellent financial services and ensuring customer satisfaction. The company is gradually establishing a strong presence in the financial sector.

Greenbond Finance is managed by Niyi Adeseun, FCIB has 33 years of cognate banking experience in core banking operations, internal control, compliance, public sector, retail, commercial and corporate banking in notable Nigerian Banks.

Niyi Adeseun

His Banking Career started in June 1990 at the Nigeria International Bank Limited, after which he worked at Oceanic Bank, Crystal Bank, Chartered Bank, Standard Trust Bank, Prudent Bank Skye Bank and Heritage Bank in various capacities. His Core Competencies lie in Financial and  Project Management across all the Key Sectors of the Nigerian Economy (Oil & Gas, Real Estate Financing, Deals Structuring for Large Corporates and Multinationals, Commercial Entities and SMEs Business  Finance, Grooming and PPE Finance Models for Public  and Private Enterprises).

Throughout the past year, Greenbond Finance Company Limited has proven itself to be a reliable andtrustworthy provider of financial services. It has consistently delivered on its promises and has earned the loyalty of its customers through its outstanding service. This has led to an increase in the company’s customer base, demonstrating its success in the highly competitive financial market.

The 1-year anniversary celebration of Greenbond Finance Company Limited is a momentous occasion not only for the company but for all its stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, partners, and employees. This milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s journey towards achieving its goals and expanding its reach. To celebrate this occasion, a special event was organized to recognize the efforts and contributions of all stakeholders who have been instrumental in the company’s success, this gave them the opportunity to reflect on their achievements and set new goals for the future. The celebration also provided an excellent opportunity for the company to interact with its customers and partners, further strengthening its relationships with them, this helped the company to understand their needs and expectations better, which will ultimately lead to enhanced service delivery.

In conclusion, 1-year anniversary celebration of Greenbond Finance Company Limited, is a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards becoming one of the most respectable and preferred financial institution. The company remains committed to providing excellent financial solutions and exceptional customer service, and its success in the past year has reaffirmed its position as a budding leader in the financial sector. The celebration provides a perfect platform to showcase the achievements of the company and renew its commitment to its customers and stakeholders.


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