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The Woman Who Dared The Odds (Rt. Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha)

The Woman Who Dared The Odds (Rt. Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha)

The Woman Who Dared The Odds (Rt. Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha)


The Woman Who Dared The Odds (Rt. Hon. Princess Miriam Onuoha)

The journey to the number one seat in the federal house of representatives for the 10th Parliament generically would reveal a bouquet of both oddities, new alignments and the emergence of new frontiers.
The political landscape with the new administration and the need for a parliament that will synchronize the choices of both the party and the executive chaperoned in new dynamics into the narrative of the “ Chosen” and the “Preferred”.
Through the timelines and the jostle for power, the intrigues were clear on what the stakes were for women as there were now less women in the the parliament of ranking order in the national assembly, However one woman threw her heart and her hat into the race to see that the gaps even though huge would be reduced seemingly bringing renewed hope for women not just in parliament but in Nigeria.

Rt. Hon Princess Odinaka Onuoha, Member house of representatives, representing Okigwe North Federal constituency and the pioneer Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Disabilities and Special Needs was the one woman amongst the men that shone forth in the race.
She was the decimal in the midst of the fractions that geared heads on for the job of the speaker.

Speaking on several forays, Rt. Hon. Miriam Onuoha regardless of the odds of numbers for women in the house spear headed meetings to engage lawmakers to solicit not just support but a consideration on the need for a woman who has capacity such as herself, as a presciding officer, to shepherd the leaning voices of women in the country especially at the legislature.

The 10th Parliament been a defining factor for the rudiments of relations between the new executive, understood quite clearly the principle of mastery in its pun of play however without unveiling the in-between the lines, even though traditional political cliché structures will insist that politics is about interest when in real terms should be in the interest of the people they choose to serve, especially where our democracy is seen to be stuttering in its path due to lack of inclusion of women in politics.

The posturing of the 10th parliament is indeed a guile for what is to become of the call for
inclusion ranging from the failed 5 gender bills to the implementation of the National Gender Policy as revised. The Theory of change in this quest to bridge the gap for the lack of a better word excommunicated numbers of women in the parliament which would have evolved with the deliberate act of the executive to see the gap as an emergency rather than just mere feminist rhetoric.

Yet without an iota of doubt Rt. Princess Miriam Onuoha pulled her seat to the table and demanded that women been seen, heard and considered as partners in governance and the leadership of the parliament, the socio-psychological effect of that on women in Nigeria and Nigeria’s diminishing stance on inclusion on global ranking was one of enthusiastic faith, a perspective that perhaps this new administration might redeem broken promises and mend the hedges for the greater part of its population. with the need to close the rankings and the innuendos of better days ahead which undoubtedly may not be far fetched for the reason why Rt.Hon Princess Miriam Onuoha stepped down, it is emphatically clear that she’s a woman who has a lot to bring to the table and dared to do so.

Truly this reminds me of DISNEY’S PRINCESS MULAN, who always knew that she was more than what her reflection showed. Like a rare, beautiful flower that blossoms in the face of adversity, Mulan proved her worth outside of her tradition-bound society and becomes a legendary warrior. Through courage, passion, and determination, she defies the odds and proves that anything is possible when you believe in yourself, and find the courage to speak your mind, and just like Mulan, Rt. Hon Princess Miriam pulled the stakes, broke the rankings and made women’s voice count the most when it should have least mattered due to numbers, unlike those who have gone before her and dared to saddle the seat of the speaker of the House of representatives, she came, she saw and indeed conquered, expanding the chances of negotiation for women, taking a frontline seat to speaking on her terms and engaging the thoughts of Nigerians and having the leadership of the APC rethink its strategic political navigation as it concerns women’s rights.

We see you Rt.Hon Miriam Onuoha and you have raised the bar once again, pushing at the barriers that limit women from been at the table, it is to be seen whether this administration will go beyond lip service and theatrics to see more women in key positions not just in parliament but also in governance, for truly if this isn’t a priority our dear nation is on a journey to democratic suicide.


Written By
Adaora Sydney-Jack.
Broadcast Journalist/ Policy Development and Strategic Communications.
Inclusion Advocate.



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