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My Tribute To High Chief Raymond Dokpesi (by Jack Asowari Sydney)

My Tribute To High Chief Raymond Dokpesi

High Chief Raymond A. A. Dokpesi, at this point I have no choice than to come to terms with the reality, the news of your demise came as a shock to me, and since then I have waited for a second news of resurrection, but the more I wait the more reality sets inn.
Ezomo, you are indeed a father of all, irrespective of tribe or religion. You were the Father of the day during my wedding on January 14th, 2023… i Will never forget the significant role you played, you welcomed me so warmly into your home the first day my Wife introduced me to you, I can’t forget your prayers on that first day, the second time I and my wife visited you in your office before the wedding, you insisted I drink with you from the same bottle.
how can I forget your presence at the wedding proper, you came very early, stepped out a bit and everybody thought you had left like the normal #BigManStyle, but you came back and stayed till the end, thank you Daddy for your advise, your prayers..
High Chief Dokpesi, I thank you on behalf of my beautiful Wife Adaora, for your mentorship and fatherly love. I thank you on behalf of everyone that you have given source of livelihood.
Ezomo of the Universe, Nigeria will never forget you, history will never forget you.
Rest-On Sir
by: Jack Asowari Sydney.

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