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Alex Reports: Meet Esther Nwankwo, The Super Woman Behind The Brand

Alex Reports: Meet Esther Nwankwo, The Super Woman Behind The Brand

Alex Reports: Meet Esther Nwankwo, The Super Woman Behind The Brand

By Progress Godfrey

In a world where beauty, intelligence, and success often seem worlds apart, there exist extraordinary women who effortlessly embody them all, redefining brilliance and beauty, and proving that you can shatter glass ceilings while nurturing a loving family.

One of such epitomes of skin-deep beauty is Mrs Esther Nawankwo, wife of renowned Abuja Publicist and PR Expert, Alex Nwankwo, known professionally as Alex Reports. Mrs Nwankwo’s journey is one that sets her apart, beams the light on her, and makes her endearing, not only for her physical beauty but for all she represents.

Born 11 August 1993, Mrs Nwankwo had her Primary and Secondary education in Lagos State. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology at Elizade University, Ondo State, after serving in the Student Union Government as the Public Relations Officer and Events Organiser.

Exceptional Career Path And Recognitions

The question In the minds of many has been how she comes off as a woman of many talents, but for a fellow who branched the banking, health sector among several other sectors in the course of her career, it only suffices to say that she is a woman of countless potential who has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for the women-fold.

A remarkable moment in her journey was 2016, one year she displayed an unwavering determination while undergoing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme: from being recognized with the “FCT Youth Corper of the Year 2016 (Nigerian Entrepreneurship Award),” to serving as a lead Project Coordinator at the Churchill Foundation, owned by Nigerian Business Mogul and Philanthropist, Olakunle Oladunni Churchill.

In the runup to the Anambra Governorship election in 2017, Mrs Nwankwo worked with Prince Donatus Okonkwo and his campaign team as the logistics director. In her journey, she equally led as a multimedia executive with Godwin Maduka Foundation.

As a result of her skills and expertise in event planning and interior decoration, she held the position of Sales & Banqueting Coordinator, at The Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartments, Abuja, a role which also earned her “The Wells Carlton Best Employee of the Year 2019 (Annual staff recognition)”, yet another feat that speaks volumes of just how committed she is: a go-getter par excellence. She also bagged the “NGO of the Year 2017 (Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador Award).”

A Luminary On Stage With A Heartwarming Tale Of Love And Support

At the climax of her voyage was Joining Amity Global Network, an integrated marketing and communication company owned by Alex Reports, as the Public Relations Officer and Event Coordinator while she was a Corper. Mrs Nwankwo outperformed her assigned role, taking up in whole, the running of the brand at a point when her boss, now her husband, was unfit to man the activities of the brand in his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer, due to an accident which resulted in a partial memory loss. Her astute business acumen has not only earned her husband’s venture multimillion-naira deals, but it has also continued to maintain client relationships for the brand.

Her unwavering brilliance and impact aside from standing her out, endeared her to Alex Reports. I mean, no man would ignore such an amazing woman who had the chance to ruin her boss’s business, or let it suffer, the least, but instead maintained the status quo with unalloyed consistency and competence, an act that has earned the brand honours and awards. This explains why they only did not end up as a couple, but she currently holds the prestigious position of the Vice Chairman of Amity Global Network. Courtesy of her, clients currently enjoy top-notch audio-visual PR content brand promotion and marketing, where she is well positioned as an on-air personality, deploying her excellent communication skills.

In the glitz and glamour of the pageantry world, she is referred to as a “Queen Mother” who has groomed many models under the Amity Global brand. Armed with a razor-sharp intellect, she coordinated the “Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria Pageantry”, one of the 3 pageantries in Nigeria that were verified on Wikipedia, owned by Amity Global Network, a testament to her insatiable thirst for excellence and personal growth.

In a world that often tries to limit women, she stands tall, proving that beauty, brilliance, and success are not mutually exclusive. As a radiant beauty queen, a nurturing mother, and a devoted wife, Mrs Nwankwo has shattered stereotypes with her innate ability to strike a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life, committing to her family’s happiness and success – a devout mother of two who juggles the demands of motherhood, her own aspirations, and her role in her husband’s business. She adores her husband and extends wholesome love to family and business associates without keeping count of any wrongs.

At different points in her life, she has had to pause her own dreams to ensure her husband’s dreams flourished, standing in perfectly every time there was the need to. She serves as his rock; a leg upon which her husband stood, and is still standing. Together, they form a formidable power-couple, inspiring others to believe in the limitless possibilities that love and support can bring.

The beauty of a young wife shines brightest when she supports her husband’s dreams with her intellect and unconditional love. There is no gainsaying that he who finds a wife, indeed, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

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