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Pastor Otto Paul Celebrates 50th Birthday

Pastor Otto Paul Celebrates 50th Birthday

Otto Paul is a self acclaimed social architect and the founding President of the All Talented Christian Youth Organization; a faith based non-governmental organization which aims at physically, intellectually and spiritually empowering the youth for socioeconomic relevance, a widely spread organization which records a membership strength of over 7000 frontiers in various fields of endeavor.

On this broad platform, Otto Paul has traveled across Nigeria from one campus to another, directing plays, staging concerts and symposiums, counseling the youths, not only on the importance of education, but also to be self-reliant and productive with their talents and abilities. Apart from being a mentor to many in the creative industry he has been featured in some few Nollywood movies and has released multiple music singles and an EP for Christed records.

He has written divers Articles/magazine columns, both in print and blogs. He has a printed book in circulation. The saying is true, “A creative person should have no other biography than his works” Otto Paul’s works are a total reflection and projection of his unique personality; witty, intelligent, exciting, inspiring, and soul-piercing, There is No doubt his mind is a museum of spectacular opulence, His ingenuity doesn’t end at that when he takes to the podium his words bears the sentiment and rhythm of ancient oratory.

Apart from being a poet, storyteller, actor, playwright, creative artist, and musician, Otto Paul is also a Pastor, youth ambassador, mentor, and life coach. Otto will always say, “There is nothing I cannot do except the one that I have not tried”.

Speaking with CelebrityTimez on Tuesday 5th Sept, 2023 .

Pastor Otto Paul Adah said;

“This next phase of my life I will dedicate it to day everything here will be forgotten lost in the warehouse of antiquity unless one is part of those reinventing the future and that will be my quest. If you want to be remembered, write a book worth reading or live a life worth writing about” -Otto Paul


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